Marcus Egholm

Head of Communication – Racket Club

We met up with Marcus Egholm, Head of communication of Racket Club at their newly opened padel center "Terminalerne" for a talk. Get to know him better and hear about why Racket Club have been successfully pioneering the sport in Denmark.⁠


"I was born and raised just outside Copenhagen, and have been living in Copenhagen for the past 10 years - the last four in Nørrebro with my girlfriend. I enjoy being creative and finding unique solutions to the problems of today.⁠


At Racket Club you can experience how powerful sports can be as a conduit of creating unique social experiences. We work towards making padel a bread and butter sports choice in Denmark, and by doing so we aim at creating an environment where players on all levels can enjoy the sport on their own premises.⁠

Padel is a quite new sport in Denmark, meaning that basically everything we do is done for somewhat "the first time". I am highly motivated by creating something unique that presents an immediate value for the user.⁠⁠


The goal is to spread the word and the love of padel! We want to offer high quality products, services, support and experiences in all of our venues and the goal for the future is to set up a system that will make this happen. With that being said the goal is of course to have fun - if the people behind Racket Club don't have fun it'll be pretty damn difficult to create and environment tailored for fun and joyous experiences!"⁠⁠⁠⁠

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